Companies without full-time IT staff

Outgrowing your solo IT consultant?

Many small businesses start out with a freelancer or solo IT consultant. But these solutions simply don’t provide the resources needed to manage diverse technical demands or large projects across multiple clients. Since they also bring with them inherent reliability issues, you’ll have to work around the vacations and sick days of even the most diligent contractor. There comes a time in the life of every healthy, growing organization when its needs exceed the capabilities of a one-man operation. When you’re in need of a dedicated IT support team, Uptime IT Systems is the answer.

  • Guaranteed response time (service level agreement)
  • Year-round availability (no "blackouts" for personal reasons)
  • Broader base of capabilities, from hardware repair and helpdesk support, to business continuity/disaster recovery planning

Are you experiencing disappointing results from your current IT provider?

Finding a great IT support company can be difficult. Finding that you’ve hired the wrong one can be catastrophic. If your current support company fails to deliver as expected, your problems and costs can multiply. Uptime IT Systems can provide stellar service and put an end to your search, once and for all. Uptime IT delivers:

  • Assigned technical account manager who cares about the success of your business or organization
  • Qualified support professionals who understand your business, not just technology
  • Accountability, through access to customer portal and monthly performance reporting

Companies with full-time IT staff

Is your internal IT department/person overburdened?

Even if you have full-time IT staff, growing technology demands can quickly deplete your department’s resources. In addition to providing extra manpower, Uptime IT Systems can evaluate your situation and create the ideal solution to meet your current and projected IT needs.

  • Leverage our management infrastructure and best practices to share IT burden and maximize effectiveness of the internal IT resource
  • Scalable access to professional IT support
  • Guaranteed response time (service level agreement)

Are you spending too much money on your internal IT resources?

Maintaining an in-house IT department requires a significant investment — from payroll to recruiting, training, and managing technical talent. Especially in light of the current economic climate, maintaining internal IT staff may not be the most efficient use of company resources. As an alternative, Uptime IT can offer

  • Less expensive yet more effective helpdesk support
  • Year-round availability (no "blackouts" during vacations, family emergencies, etc)
  • Broader base of capabilities, from hardware repair, helpdesk support, to business continuity/disaster recovery planning

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